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The Prospect of Photo-Organocatalysis in Controlled Polymerization

The polymer community has recently developed a great deal of research interests in establishing and exploiting novel synthetic approaches for constructing well-defined, complex polymers via photo-organocatalysis techniques. Conventional photoinduced polymerization systems have been based on the use of metallic (photo)catalysts to conduct polymerization of various systems.

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Triggering “Click” for Polymers

Click Chemistry reactions include a variety of chemical transformations that are modular, wide in scope, stereospecific, versatile in nature, high yielding and without by-products. These criteria were defined by Barry Sharpless and co-workers as the characteristics of click reactions. Within a relatively short period of time since its discovery in 2002, click chemistry has substantially influenced and found applications in a wide range of disciplines including organic chemistry, bioconjugates , drug discovery, polymers, materials science and many multitude of related areas.

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“Bacteriochlorophyll a” Promotes Photoinduced Controlled Radical Polymerization

The advancement of photochemical processes for macromolecular tailoring has provided polymer chemists with new opportunities to construct advanced and complex polymer structures. The unique abilities of such light-mediated reactions enable establishing spatiotemporal control over the polymerization reaction as well as conducting polymerization under mild and environmentally-friendly conditions by utilizing the energy of light to drive forward chemical transformations.  Continue reading “Bacteriochlorophyll a” Promotes Photoinduced Controlled Radical Polymerization

Precision Polymers by Click Chemistries

Regulating the sequence of building blocks in polymers has been the subject of many recent studies. The ability of controlling the composition of polymer chains in an exact manner has been a challenge for polymer chemists aiming to reach the precision exhibited by Nature in natural macromolecules such as DNA, proteins, peptides etc. Various sophisticated strategies have been established for creating synthetic precision polymers. Recent studies have taken advantage of click chemistry techniques to achieve this goal.

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Our Work Highlighted on MaterialsViews

Our recent work in Macromolecular Rapid Communications has been featured on Materials Views website:

PECH: A New Photoinitiator for Free Radical Polymerization under UV Light

The utilization of photochemistry in promoting polymerization reactions has led to significant developments in the polymer community and other multidisciplinary areas. We can now see the influence and importance of photoinitiated polymerizations in our daily lives in different sophisticated and advanced technologies such as coatings, adhesives, printing inks, stereolithography, holographic recording and many more. The challenge is to efficiently initiate a polymerization process using appropriate materials which are best suitable for a target application. In this regard, a great deal of research efforts is dedicated to designing and developing new photoinitiating systems. 

The group of Yusuf Yagci and co-workers (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey) has now developed a new type of photoinitiator capable of initiating free radical polymerization at relatively higher wavelengths.

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